Drawn Out Georgia


With great concern and urgency, we must address an alarming situation unfolding in Cobb County, Georgia.

In an unprecedented and egregious fashion, a small faction of State of Georgia elected officials is relentlessly pushing to oust a duly elected Cobb County Commissioner just one year into her four-year term. 

This brazen maneuver not only
undermines the principles of fair governance
but also establishes a dangerous precedent of elected officials disregarding the will of the people they are meant to represent. 

It is essential that we stand together to defend the integrity of our democratic processes and ensure the voices of the constituents are upheld and respected. 

Take action now to
Defend Local Control!

For Which It Stance is taking a resolute stand against the imminent threat posed by those seeking to dismantle local control, undermine the democratic will of the voters, and trample upon the fundamental principles of our democracy.

We firmly stand by the fight to safeguard our community's right to Home Rule and shield it from the perils of political and partisan overreach. Together, we can protect and preserve the essence of local governance, empowering our citizens to shape their own destinies and ensure their voices are heard.

Join us in defending the vital principle of local control for the betterment of our community and the preservation of our democratic values. 

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Protect Local Control 

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