For Which It Stance 

Protecting Local Control

We seek to ensure that our representative democracy and the virtues of liberty are safe and resilient for our communities.

Empowering Local Voices

Join us in preserving democracy through access, transparency, and separation of powers in elections and representation. 


We prioritize issues impacting our republic's resilience and local voices. We are nonpartisan, avoiding candidate advocacy. Our inclusive educational efforts embrace diversity across party lines. 

Empowerment Through Education

Every $10 we receive reaches and activates one more person in their community. We prioritize inclusive community engagement, ensuring accessible government for all.

Strengthening Local Communities

We prioritize issues, advocate through petition, assembly, and education. Our inclusive team includes YOU, empowering local voices.

State overreach threatens to leave thousands of citizens without duly elected local representation!
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Take action now to
Defend Local Control!

Every $10 we receive helps us reach one more citizen.