Issues On Watch

We work very hard to keep track of current events and identify what issues pose a threat to the protection of local control and local voices. Issues can be brought about by community members and voted on as a part of the annual legislative agenda. Below are some of the issues currently in review and their respective statuses.

On Watch

These efforts are on our radar and may compel the organization to begin pursuing advocacy efforts.

In Advocacy

These efforts are currently underway with methods to get involved, learn more, and help advocate


These are efforts taken up by the origanization that have resulted in an outcome that further protects our community.

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Status: On Watch

Issue No. 4: Land Use Powers

Limitations to local design standards and short term rental industries are being discussed which tend to carry greater impact locally. This will restrict local governing authorities from regulating such aspects of a local community.

Status: On Watch

Issue No. 3: SB 202 Improvements

SB 202 currently restricts local elections boards from being able to proportionally accommodate residents and increase the tax burdens on local communities. It also only considers limited improvements on cybersecurity issues.

Status: In Advocacy

Issue No. 2: Local Delegation Process

For Which It Stance is advocating to ensure that local delegations play a legislatively significant role in local legislative matters to prevent legislators from around the state from creating constitutional issues locally.

Status: Success!

Issue No. 1: Home Rule & DrawnOutGA

For Which It Stance finds instances of government interference in democratic processes and collaborates with organizations near the issue to raise awareness and take action. Our first fight was on our home turf, in Cobb County, GA.

The latest round of gerrymandering efforts produced a case that sets a precedent impacting how all of our communities. A sitting elected official is being forced to step down in the middle of their term. Learn more about how we can support new checks and balances to prevent this from becoming precedent.

Press Conference at the GA Capitol

Georgia Subcommittee on Redistricting and Elections (February 7, 2022)

Georgia Committee on Governmental Affairs (February 9, 2022)

Important Clips from the Georgia Subcommittee on Redistricting and Elections

Chair of Cobb Dems Jacquelyn Bettadapur Summarizing the Issue (1min)


Resident of East Cobb Laura Judge's Response (1min)


Commissioner Richardson's Response (1min)

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