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Things to Ask Us:

How can we partner on civic engagement and education?

You may be interested in collaborating on hosting a class or on developing content. We welcome that opportunity!

Can I get access to tour the For Which It Stance network before becoming a member?

Any kind of monetary payment can feel like a committment. We understand. So, yes, we do offer a short trial with our content so that you can determine if you would like to be a part of our community.

I want to be a member, but cannot afford it. Can you help?

We have options! Just let us know and we will assist. We even have special options for students. Hope to see you in the network!

It has been over 20 days and I have not yet received my merchandise. What should I do?

Sometimes, there are some shipping mishaps. If this is you, please let us know ASAP. We want to make sure you receive your items within SLA.