About Us

For Which it Stance seeks to ensure that our representative democracy is safe and resilient for the perpetuity of mankind in upholding the virtue of liberty. Our organization will preserve our democracy through ensuring access, transparency, and the separation of powers when it comes to elections and representation.

We are a 501c4 which provides us the legal permission to both educate and advocate on issues.

Protecting Our Republic One Community At a Time

Non Partisan Coalition

We focus on issues that impact the resiliency of our republic and diminish the power of local voices. We do not parties or advocate for specific candidates.

Our educational efforts also include members of multiple parties because we acknowledge that our strength lives in our diversity.

Empowerment Through Education

Every $10 that we received translates into a new person being reached and activated in their community. Strengthening our communities is not just about engaging that already show up, but making sure that everyone experiences that "lightbulb" moment! We pride ourselves in demystifying the government so that it can be accessible for all.

Strengthening Local Communities

As noted, we focus on issues. We also advocate through legislative petition, assembly, and education. Our team is comprised of some of the best in our community because it includes YOU! We are a channel of advocacy that will stand for anything that will empower the voices of the local community.

“It will not be denied, that power is of an encroaching nature, and that it ought to be effectually restrained from passing the limits assigned to it.”

- James Madison

Leadership Team

At For Which It Stance, we create advocacy forums and opportunities for community involvement.

Meet Mindy

Mindy Seger is Executive Director at For Which It Stance. Her passion is connecting the community and educating voters. She believes an educated community benefits everyone.

Mindy holds an Accounting Degree from Kennesaw State University. She served as chair of the East Cobb Alliance, a grass-roots community group opposed to cityhood in East Cobb. The referendum garnered a 73% opposition vote, crossing partisan lines. Her passion for voter education on local matters makes her an asset to our team.

Meet Sophia

Sophia Cherribi is Director of Communications at For Which It Stance. An advocate for government transparency, she strives to connect the community to the democratic decision making process.

Sophia is a student at Emory University studying OAM and political science. She has worked in Georgia politics for years, both on local campaigns and in the State House.

Community Captains

Community Captains keep the community informed and educated on new issues. Contact us at info@forwhichitstance.com with your name and zip code, and we'll connect you to a Community Captain in your area!

Meet Our Founder: Jerica Richardson

Jerica Richardson has always been inspired by the power a community holds when it comes together. Paying homage to her favorite line of the Pledge of Allegiance, Richardson founded For Which It Stance in early 2022 with the goal of educating, engaging, and defending communities across America.